Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Getting back to the new and better normal

Well I missed a post last night due to the snow apocalypse that hit the Southeast!  Yesterday I began preparing for my return to class and studies by coming back to Wofford for a few different meetings, etc.  I thought the snow warnings were just local media giving us southerners false hope and so headed to Wofford with little worry in my mind.  However, by the end of my time on campus I realized the snow was on its way and I was likely to get stuck in ice if I chose to head back.  A small part of me was just excited for the excuse to be back in the dorm with my roomie and besties for the night!

While I was away from my blog and stranded with very few "sleepover" necessities  (why I brought home all of my clothes, I am at a loss!) I spent the night going all around campus seeing friends, cooking meals, playing intense card games and winning the most epic series of catch phrase!  A few times I became tired, but easily bounced back and was able to hang out with everyone until we disbanded our festivities at 2AM!  I was amazed at how well I was able to keep up.  Walking around campus did not put me out of breath and stairs were not a problem any longer! I even ran a quarter of a mile around the track (in snow I might add), something I was not able to do before.  It is true attending class was not factored into the test trial of being back to Wofford, but after my day yesterday I feel very confident this semester will be a successful one and being able to keep up with classmates and friends will not be like the challenge of last semester!

Today I remain "stuck" at Wofford. Because my breastbone has not completely healed I am trying to avoid any potential accident or fender bender.  An airbag to the chest would not feel very comfy right now and I do not want anything standing between me and being back to my new and better normal.  The little snow day get away has turned into a heart test drive and I am pleased to say I feel I passed the test! This girl is ready for the next few months of crazy adventures and intellectual pursuits with her new and improved heart!

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