Monday, November 18, 2013

And the Countdown Begins!

As of 11/16/2013 I have decided I am ready for OHS!

I wish it were tomorrow just so I could get it over with, but sadly it is not!

This revelation and frustration has lead to a new coping strategy: the Countdown!  Not only is my new countdown a daily motivation, it also helps me realize how close I am to getting better!  With each day I find new ways to reward myself and the thought of one more day behind is such a relief.

I thought I would share my countdown with you so that you might join with me in my excitement.  If you are anticipating surgery as well, and feel as I do, it is a wonderful tool you can use to physically see the change that is ahead.  Not only do you have a date, but you have a way of measuring what comes between you and that date.  It provides you a time table and shows you what all you can put in your time between now in then.

For me, this countdown has been a tremendous help to my studies.  Getting bogged down in the upcoming surgery I was becoming easily distracted, but after using the countdown I have been able to use it as a motivation to get stuff done.  "If I finish this, I am one step closer to that surgery and that much more ready for the anesthesiologist to put me under!"  Is my new motivational strategy.  It works too!  Half a book read, 3 papers done, not to mention a whole week of Spanish homework finished and all in one weekend!   Don't worry, Its not all studying and exams for me. In the extra days before the surgery I plan to fill my time with incredible Christmas concerts, solo performances, jewelry shopping (for my new heart necklace :) ) special dinners with the family and fun Christmas movies.

So this is the countdown.  A way to quantify what stands between you and your surgery and how you can best spend your time to get there!

The Countdown:

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